For businesses, paintings make up an important way of communicating both internally and externally. . They help to maintain staff well-being, whilst evoking tangible and confident relationship between the staff and mnagement. They seduce suppliers, partners and clients by creating an intimate atmosphere. By sending a subtle but effective message, works of art can even showcase what the compagny stands for.

Having artwork within an office brings that "special touch" workplaces often lack.

Remy Rogiez always explains that, expressing one's sensitivity by buying an exposing artwork which has been freely chosen is not a sign of irrationality, quite the opposite. Big bosses such as François Pinault ( LVMH ), Bernard Arnault ( PPR ), Antoine De Galbert ( Carrefour ) are also art-collectors, and are proof that art has its place within a business. The artist Rogiez likes to remind people that the Sun King, a king who was an Art-fanatic, was also the illustrious "Chief of the French Enterprise" and "wasn't afraid of anyone or anything, except maybe the looking glass, for fear of catching sun-stroke"

Asserting oneself trough artistic taste whilst being a head of a business helps to bring collaborators together, to focus on a project, to convince prospective clients.


Painting is powerfull vector as it allows each compagny to highlights its defferencies, its qualities, its energy and modernism. But the chosen painting needs to contain that power, which can be summarised as being the combination of mystery, poetry, humour, energy and beauty.

Art in business is not a privilege reserved to large companies, on the contrary, small businesses and free-lance traders can also subscribe to the strength of this influential movement, with its still undiscovered over-lapping qualities.