Rémy Rogiez : ses toiles de peinture

" The artist Remy Rogiez proposes contemporary art representative and spontaneous ( painted directly with oil, with no preparatory drawing ) which demonstrates but does not copy, which transforms but does not destroy, which innovates whilst keaping its meaning .

Far from already established artistic movements and their functionalised promoters, this type of painting does not chase wildly after an "intellectual novelty" nor the provocative trickery and denunciations of the modern world. This art is not, however, vulgar and avoids fashionable small-talk, it is curious and ironic, it does'nt buckle under any dogma but succeeds in communicating its juvenile impertinence and fills you with its joyous extravagance.

The lines and composition are solid, sensitive and inspired. They tangle themselves in the lines and surfaces, creating a real puzzle. The large palette creates an honest and steady harmony, with instinctive enthusiasm.

A strange and fantastic atmosphere, sometimes tinted with humour, seeps through in these works; always powerfull and bursting with energy, they turn their back on ease and conventionality.

As for the natural inclinations in his choices of subjects, and the particularity of his temperament, there's no need for a tiresome discussion, just take a look at his work and you'll find out all you need to know."

"In less than seven years, Rogiez has painted more than two- hundred and fifty paintings nearly always using oils. A work that is proof to his refreshing freedom of inspiration and execution which has entailed two-hundred  purchases of his " off-spring " in France and abroad.

An iconoclastic artist, who thinks of his paintings as a product of himself just like a brand-named product, and who thinks of contemporary art as a marketing slogan.

He is as self-depreciating as he is confident in his work, he exhibits his talent as an obvious fact, and succeedes the exploit of making a name on the internet and attracting a growing number of buyers the world-over, despite the economic depression.

In conclusion, I'll say that I like this painter, firstly because he' s good,  secondly because his work is never boring, and thirdly having understood how to travell around the world in the 21st  century, he never forgets "a snack for the road ".

Remy Rogiez was born on March 19th, 1966, in Tarascon in Provence. Graduating in Fine-Art from Nîmes in 1990, his career is spotted with numerous expositions in France and abroad. He currently lives in Auvergne in his workshop in the village of La Guillermie ( 03250 ).

 . 1991 1995  Expositions in Carpentras, Avignon, St Rémy de Provence

 . 1996 2000 Opening of a gallery-workshop in St Pourçain sur Sioule.

 .       2000      Exhibition at the Valery Larbaud centre and at the Doliena gallery in Vichy and Baux de Provence.

 . 2001 2003  Permanent painter at the Vega gallery in Arles.

 .       2004      Exhibition at the gallery-workshop Arts in Beaucaire and at the Kunst Event International

                        Exhibition in Anvers as well as the Exhibition of the Independants in Lyon.

 .       2006      Permanent painter at the Pictor gallery in Carcassonne.

 .       2006      Permanent painter at the Fine-Art gallery in La Grande Motte and the St Louis gallery in

                        Aigues-Mortes. Winner of the painting prize in Lempdes Clermont-Ferrand and third place in Lavandou and public prize in La Grande Motte and Moulins.

 . 2007 2010 Several exhibitions at Sarlat, Vichy, Cusset, Nogent, Lyon, Clermont, Bayonne, Venise, Ostende, Cologne and Berlin.

REMY ROGIEZ  is declared with the MAISON DES ARTISTES since 2004.